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Adopt an Outreach

Adopt an Outreach


Each month Jewels Outreach Team goes into 8 strip clubs in Salt Lake City and 1 in Ogden, taking around 200-250 gift bags to the women. Each gift bag is filled with a variety of cosmetics, bath and body products, or jewelry along with our contact information to receive support. The gifts carry the message that each woman is loved, valued and treasured right where she is!

We also bless the managers with a gift card to get coffee or a soft drink and the other male employees with treats. We want each person to know they are valued and loved.



Each outreach costs $500.00. You can elect to donate the entire cost, or break it down to providing for 1 0r 2 clubs. Each club will need anywhere from 15 gifts up to 40 gifts for the ladies and gifts for the bouncers and Managers. 

After receiving your donation, we would then give you the opportunity to attend our Gift Bag Prep where you will have the opportunity to personally fill the bags with the gifts purchased from your donation, and pray over each one. 

For all Gift Bag Prep dates, please visit our Calendar.

We would love to partner with you and share the excitement of loving on these precious women!

If you would like to sponsor an outreach, or have your business, church or small group join you in sponsoring an outreach, please fill out the information form below and we will contact you with more information on how to adopt a specific outreach, and how to donate the funds or gifts needed.

If you’d like to contribute financially for our outreach gifts, Adopt A Jewel, or to the needs of the ministry, please visit our Donations page.

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